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The wedding crashers

Wedding Crashers is a American comedy film directed by David Dobkin and written by Steve Faber and Bob Fisher. Starring an ensemble cast led by. John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey, a pair of committed womanizers who sneak into weddings to take advantage of the romantic tinge in the air, find themselves at. If you're nervously anticipating the first date-rape joke in Wedding Crashers, you won't need to wait very long. It arrives in the opening.

In 's Wedding Crashers, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn play John and Jeremy, two divorce mediators who crash weddings to meet. Critics Consensus: Wedding Crashers is both raunchy and sweet, and features top-notch comic performances from Vince Vaughn and Owen. Wedding Crashers movie reviews & Metacritic score: This outrageous comedy stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as divorce mediators and lifelong friends.

"Wedding Crashers" is all runway and no takeoff. It assembles the elements for a laugh-out-loud comedy, but it can't make them fly. There are.

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