Nigeria juju music download

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Nigeria juju music

Jùjú is a style of Nigerian popular music, derived from traditional Yoruba percussion. The name comes from a Yoruba word "juju" or "jiju" meaning " throwing" or. There are numerous genres of music in Nigeria. Some genres such as Jùjú music, Fuji music, Apala and Were music are peculiar to certain ethical group. Jùjú Music is a prominent music genre of the Yorubas and has been described as guitar band melody; a laudatory and dedicatory music established by the.

To put the word in proper context and according to Oluniyi (), the Juju music is a unique Nigerian popular genre and has many African. Afrobeat and Juju highlife music is a widely celebrated type of music in West Africa characterized with the use of western music instruments. Juju: Juju, Nigerian popular music that developed from the comingling of Christian congregational singing, Yoruba vocal and percussion traditions, and assorted.

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